Something tasty without salt? Yes you can: replace salt with herbs!

Most restaurants don’t offer too many variants of menus without salt in abundance. Exceptions are the salads and grills, but you can’t live a life with them.

So you have to reorient and reeducate your taste for many condiments, to reduce without too much effort the amount of sodium in the diet. American nutritionist Gavin Pritchard believes that any addition of herbs automatically lowers the salt, without paying attention to savor preparations.

Be satisfied that any product can be improved with basil, oregano or rosemary. Obviously, guide after taste in terms of quantities.

If you using dried herbs, add them at the beginning of the preparation. Fresh ones divide them into two mounds: a small one at the beginning and the rest for the finale. In addition, use as much wine along with tomato juice to give taste to food.

Don’t overlook any garlic and onion powders, but opt for the ones without additives.

You gain weight and you don’t know why? Breakfast and salt from food may be to blame!

You pay attention to everything you eat, you always count the calories and always you choose healthier food options, but the extra pounds are stubborn enough to keep the hanger you? There are a few reasons that you would be given for thought until now!

Dietitians are attracting attention in the first place over breakfast traps. Going on the principle that in the morning we eat royally and in the evening we trifle, many of us burden the plate in the morning and being not carefully to what follows to reach the stomach. Only that it’s morning and we need energy!

Specialists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham have recently discovered that a breakfast where more than 43% are carbohydrates leads to the accumulation of extra pounds. Under 43% carbohydrates, we are satisfied and the blood glucose level is not affected. Opt out of croissants, pancakes, croissants and huge! The ideal breakfast consists for the most part in proteins and eggs are ideal for this purpose.

Too much salt

Scientists call attention to the fact that salt has an effect similar to opiates, causing a sort of addiction. A team of researchers from Florida has noticed that people dependent on narcotic substances once they have renounced these they began to consume very salty foods. It seems that salt does not confer a more delicious taste for food, but makes us feel better. Moreover, participants in a study were visible fattening after  increased salt intake.

Foods which hide the greatest quantity of salt

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Salt’s role in our body

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